Cane chair & seat repairs

Traditional woven cane work is created in-situ using holes drilled through the frame of the seat or chair. Chair frames are frequently curved, resulting in beautiful sweeping cane panels. Intricate sunburst patterns can be woven into the cane. Circular patterns can created in the backs of chairs with the cane woven around a central 'medallion'. Each piece is repaired individually so as to retain the original shape and pattern.

More modern furniture, like Habitat chairs, frequently use sheet cane. Examples can be seen here.

Cane arm chair

Cane arm chairThe back and arm cane panels have been repaired on this cane arm chair.

Sun burst cane chair back

Sun burst cane chair backThe intricate sun burst cane pattern on the back of this chair makes a striking piece of furniture when restored.

Cane medallion back chair

Cane medallion back chairCane medallion back arm chair showing the circular cane pattern and central wooden 'medallion'

Baronial chair with cane panels

Baronial chair with cane panelsThe oval arm panel was repaired in fine OO cane. The cane is double sided and had to be woven blind.

Cane arm chair

Cane arm chairThe restored curved cane back panel is part way through weaving. The order of weaving and tension of the cane ensures a smooth curve is created.

Georgian cane library chair

Georgian cane library chairThe restored cane seat and curved cane back transformed this antique library chair.

Nursing chair cane back

Nursing chair cane backThe cane back of this chair has been repaired to retain the subtle curve of the cane.

Bergere chair cane arm panel

Bergere chair cane arm panelThe cane arm panel on this bergere chair is part way through repair.The panel is double sided and the diagonal cane has just been started

Georgian chaise cane seat

Georgian chaise cane seatThe seat of this georgian chaise has been restored in heavy cane