Wicker, Rimpi & Danish cord chair repairs

These are some of the more unusual restoration projects undertaken. If you have furniture requiring restoration that is not featured on this web site please contact me to discuss its repair.

Rimpi chair

Rimpi chairThis chair was one of a set originally from Africa but the rimpi (hide) seating had broken with age. The customer sourced new raw hide strips from Canada to replace the seat.

Hans Wegner cane chair

Hans Wegner cane chairThe seat of the chair was restored in wide split cane and the back rebound.

Dryad cane chair

Dryad cane chairThe cane binding on this Dryad chair had worn through or split in several places. The broken cane was removed and new cane inserted and rebound retaining the original pattern

Danish cord chair

Danish cord chairThe seat on this Danish cord chair has been replaced. The seat is woven with cord made of twisted brown paper to match the original materials and design.