Rush chair & seat repair

The rushes used for seating are harvested in July and August, dried and then sold in bundles or 'bolts' about 6 feet long. Most of the rush I use is harvested in the UK although some comes from Europe. A new new rush seat is a pleasing mottled colour from the individual rushes which mellows to gold with age.

Rush arm chair

Rush arm chairThe rush seat on this arm chair has been partially repaired showing the pattern and rushes being worked

William Morris rush chair

William Morris rush chairThe new rush seat transformed this restored Willim Morris chair

Rush bench seat

Rush bench seatThis rush bench seat is about 1m long.

French style rush seat

French style rush seatThis french style rush seat has a curved pattern achieved by varying the number of strands in each direction.

Rush drop in seat

Rush drop in seatThis drop-in rush seat for an upright dinning chair has had a new rush covering. The drop in seat frames are light enough to be sent by post for repair.

Ladder back chair with rush seat

Ladder back chair with rush seatThe rush seat on this ladder back dinning chair has been repaired with new rush.

Green wood chair with rush seat

Green wood chair with rush seatA new rush seat has been made for this green wood chair

Rush stool seat

Rush stool seatA number of these rush seat pads were made for a cabinet maker to fit some modern stools.