Sheet cane seat & chair repairs

Sheet cane is pre-woven by machine and supplied in rolls. The sheet cane is fixed into a groove running around the perimeter of the panel using a strip of centre cane. Care must be taken to ensure the sheet cane is flat and has even tension.

Sheet cane is generally used on more modern furniture but does not allow the more complex shapes and patterns associated with the traditional woven cane techniques.

Many modern chairs have back and seat panels that can be unscrewed from the frame and are light enough to post for repair.

Habitat chrome chair

Habitat chrome chairThis Habitat chair has had the sheet cane seat and back panels repaired. The seat and back panels unscrew and can be sent by post for repair.

Recliner with cane top

Recliner with cane topThis was one of a pair of new recliners for a furniture maker. Each had two large sheet cane panels.

Thonet chair cane seat

Thonet chair cane seatThis Thonet style bent wood chair has had the sheet cane seat restored.

Sheet cane bed ends

Sheet cane bed endsThese bed ends were repaired with sheet cane. The smaller one, for the foot of the bed, has double sided cane.

Rowing boat cane seat arm

Rowing boat cane seat armTraditional rowing boats and canadian canoes often have cane panels in the seats as they are light weight and comfortable. This has been repaired in sheet cane

Black Habitat Cesca chair seat panel

Black Habitat Cesca chair seat panelA black Habitat Marcel Breuer Cesca chair panel with the cane seat repaired. These panels are light enough to post for repair.

Bamboo chair

Bamboo chairThe seat panel on this bamboo chair has been replaced and finished to match the original cane back.