Straw Orkney chair repairs

Orkney chairs were traditionally made from driftwood and oat straw, the materials available on the windswept Orkney islands. The backs are made from straw, bound into coils and then stitched together. The curved backs and hoods are designed to protect the user from draughts.

Over time the straw back and hood will frequently split and wear and the bindings come away from the uprights. Pet cats also seem to love to use them for scratching! If the damage is not too extensive it is often possible to replace some of the stitching and coils which provide support for the existing structure.

Orkney chair

Orkney chairThe back panel of this Orkney Chair has been repaired with new straw

Hooded Orkney chair

Hooded Orkney chairA number of the straw coils on the edge of the hood have been repaired giving support to the existing straw back.

Childs Orkney chair

Childs Orkney chairThe broken coils on the top of the straw back have been replaced. The repair will provide additional support to the remaining original back.